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Núria’s art studio journal

Blog posts about my work in progress, half-thought ideas and materials that are influencing my work.

Blog post for Three Left Feet

22/04/22 – Looking back at GAP and Cartography exhibition preparation Hi all! My name is Núria, and I couldn’t be happier to be the first visual artist to be “Feetured” by Three Left Feet. I’ll use this blog space to share my experience co-running The GAP studio collective and give you a behind-the-scenes of my … Continue reading “Blog post for Three Left Feet”


Installation thoughts

18/02/2021 – New installation space, new installation ideas! I had a very exciting installation experimental day at the gallery space last week! I worked with the materials very intuitively and loads of ideas emerged and solidified. This is me trying to put into words what I discovered! I started to have a play around with MRI … Continue reading “Installation thoughts”